Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December - Reflection

As a teacher I tend to think of year's in reference to the school year rather than the calendar year. Still, though, it feels like this year has just flown by. Do you remember when the Olympics - 2010 - seemed like something far into the future? Now, it is right around the corner. Maybe December regardless of whether or not you are a teacher is still a time for reflection. I guess it is for me as I'm feeling reflective.

Last week the Literacy Leaders and a learning partner or two had a great day together. We started the day by using a word to describe how we were feeling. Most of us were feeling optimistic. Maybe it was only me, but I was some what surprised by that. We have all heard the rumblings about cut backs and the introduction of BCeSIS added an additional element of stress into everyone's work life. Yet, this group of teacher leaders were/are feeling encouraged and optimistic about their work.

In hindsight, though, I should not be surprised as this group of teacher leaders have a clear sense of agency. When I think in these terms, it just further supports what we know: people need to have a sense of control over their life. In part this control comes from being highly skilled and knowledgeable, but also from being supported by each other and the powers that be.

While it always starts with an individual, it grows when individuals come together: synergy.

A community of learners is a powerful entity.

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